How to watch domains (formerly backorders)?


With Youdot you have the possibility to watch domains that are not available yet, whether they are domains in redemption period (formerly backorders) or whether they are already reserved on Youdot or elsewhere.

To view domains in redemption on the platform, go to the "other" drop-down menu and select the option "show domains in redemption period". These domains can be identified by the small clock instead of the price per month in the list of domains. To watch a domain in redemption, simply add it to your favorites.

This tells us that you are interested in it and we will then try to catch it as soon as it becomes available. The domain will not be automatically assigned to you. If we catch it, you will receive an email to notify you that the domain is available for purchase in our catalog. 

You can also track several domains that are not available or not yet in redemption period. To do this, go to your dashboard and then to "My domains" and "Watch domains". Then fill in the list of domains you want to watch and press Enter to separate them. As for domains in redemption, we will try to retrieve them if they become available and will inform you by email when they become available in the Youdot catalog.

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