What are the monthly fees on my account?

As a reminder, you have a payment call when your outstanding balance exceeds a total amount of €500 excluding VAT. If the amount is lower, the payment call is only made once a month.

The payment call includes all of your purchases and subscriptions, gathered in a single invoice to be downloaded directly on the platform. You can find the details of your purchases and subscriptions directly in your Youdot account, under "Transactions and billing".

It should be noted that at Youdot when you keep your domain with us, we charge a monthly subscription fee for each domain from the second month (the first month of subscription is free). It is possible to transfer your domain to another registrar during the first month, with the exception of .com, .org and .info TLDs for which ICANN imposes a 60-period following the registration before you are able to transfer the domain name (see the article "Transferring a domain name").

These fees will be due for each domain name concerned, until the transfer of the domains. To find out about the different subscriptions available: About the subscriptions


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