Customizing your SEO blog's articles

When you choose a Silver or Gold subscription, we initiate the creation of the included SEO blog according to your instructions. Our Silver offer includes the creation of a blog with 1000 words (3 articles of 300-400 words + one additional article each quarter), while our Gold offer includes 2000 words (4 articles of 500-600 words + one additional article each quarter).

Upon configuring your subscription, you will be able to customize each article that we will write for the initial creation of your blog individually. This personalization step is optional - if you don't provide any specific information, we will use the general theme of your blog to write the texts. However, we recommend that you take the time to specify your needs for each article, as well as to indicate which backlinks you would like to be included in the articles. This will greatly enhance the SEO potential of your final site.

Several personalization steps are available for each article:

Choice of keywords

You can provide various keywords that will be taken into account when writing your articles. Feel free to enter different keywords for each article in case you would like some of them to focus on a specific topic.

Press Enter or Tab after entering a keyword to distinguish it from the others. If you don't have any specific keywords, we will use the general theme of the blog as a basis for writing the articles.

Choice of backlinks

If you want to optimize the ranking of your main site with your SEO site, it is important to fill in your links and link anchors in this section. We will integrate the backlinks (outbound links) that you indicate here in the final article.

For example, if you indicate "expired domain name" as a link anchor, and "" as its corresponding URL, the backlink will appear as follows in the body of the article: expired domain name.

Adjustment of the length of the article

You can choose the number of words you wish to have in your article. The price of the article will automatically be adjusted according to the number of words and the desired writing quality, allowing you to tailor each article order to your budget.

Adjustment of the writing quality

Specify the quality of writing you want for your article. Your articles will be written and proofread by our authors and correctors with a level of writing adapted to your needs. Standard quality is charged at €0.03 (excl. tax) per word, while Premium quality is charged at €0.07 (excl. tax) per word.

To view sample texts, click on the magnifying glass icon next to each writing quality

Adjustments to anchors and addition of neutral links

Two additional options are available independently for each article. Both are enabled by default in order to optimize your blog, however you can choose to deselect them at any time.

Minor adjustments to anchors: in order for us to include your backlinks in a natural way in the article, we sometimes have to slightly change the text you have indicated as link anchors for your backlinks. For example, if you indicated "find best domain name", adjustments to anchors will allow us to make slight changes to this text, such as "find the best domain names". If you uncheck this option, we will keep the exact text you entered.

Addition of neutral links: beyond the backlinks that you provide us with during your order, it can be interesting to diversify the sites to which your SEO blog points. By keeping this option checked, you allow us to add backlinks to neutral sources such as news sites, Wikipedia or YouTube, which will give more legitimacy to your article. Please note that these are not sponsored links.

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