How much does a backorder cost?

A domain name obtained immediately following a pre-order will cost you a fixed price depending on its extension (TLD):

Extension Price
.it 9€
.info 20€
.com 20€
.org 20€
.fr 20€
.be 20€ 20€
.es 20€
.eu 20€



All prices are exclusive of tax (20% VAT is extra if you are subject to tax).

Once your pre-order has been obtained, you have one (1) month to transfer your domain name and to update the identity of its holder (when a domain is reserved by Youdot with the Registry, Youdot becomes its temporary holder).

Beyond this deadline, in the absence of proof of the completion of these steps, Youdot will charge a service fee on a monthly basis. These fees will be due for each domain name concerned, until the completion of the procedures. The amount of these fees is €1.49 excluding tax. Any month started is due.

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