How are backorders conducted?

  1. After your registration, you need to enter your billing details and valid payment method if you want to pre-order a domain (Credit Card or Paypal).
  2. Choose the domain name you're interested in on the Youdot platform.
  3. Click on the pre-order button.
  4. A confirmation email for your pre-order will be sent.
  5. Wait for the domain's release and boost your SEO!

If you are the only one to pre-order a domain name, and if we manage to successfully recover it, you will be charged the amount indicated. If several accounts have pre-ordered the same domain name, it will be put up for auction for a duration of at least 7 days. In case of failure of the domain recovery on our part, you will not be charged.

The price includes the purchase of the domain, registration and service fees.

To know everything about the price of pre-orders, check out the following article: "How much does a backorder cost?".

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