How are the auctions conducted?

If a domain name was preordered by several users, it will automatically be put up for auction upon its release. The first user to have pre-ordered this domain name will automatically be set as the original bidder.

Auctions always end on Mondays and Thursdays at 3:00PM (UTC+2). The auction period will at least be of 7 days starting from the release date of the domain name. The end date that is indicated for each domain name auction. Each bid occurring within the last 30 seconds extends the end of the auction by an additional 30 seconds.

To bid, you can indicate the amount you want to place in the insert. If you place a bid higher than the next suggested increment, bids will be automatically placed on your behald within the amount you indicated.

Example: a domain is at €100 and you place a maximum bid of €150.

  • If the current bidder had put €100 as their maximum bid, you take the upper hand with €110.
  • If they had put €130, you take the upper hand with €140.
  • If they had put €200, they take the upper hand with €160.

Any bid you make is binding and cannot be withdrawn.

Once the auction is over, if you are the highest bidder, the amount of the auction will be automatically deducted from your account using the payment method entered in your account. This payment will be made:

  • immediately following the acquisition if this is your first purchase on Youdot;
  • on the day of your monthly payment for your subsequent purchases.


All prices are exclusive of tax (20% VAT is extra if you are subject to tax).

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