Verify site ownership in Google Search Console

In order to use Google services with a domain name you bought on Youdot, you need to verify the domain's ownership through its provider. This action is necessary to be able to use services such as Google Search Console which allows you to collect useful metrics on your site's ranking.

To validate ownership of domain, you can request a TXT record from Google that you will then set up with your provider. Should you need further assistance with getting your TXT record, please visit this dedicated article from Google's Help Center.

You will then have two options on Youdot :

You are using Youdot's DNS Server

If you have not configured your own DNS server, you can enter the TXT record directly into your domain's administration panel.

  1. Open your domain's administration panel in your account ('My domains' tab). Click on 'Set up' then 'DNS'. Now click on 'Set up DNS entries'.

    Configure your DNS servers

  2. Click on 'Add DNS entry'.

    Configure your DNS servers

  3. Add a 'TXT' type DNS entry and your TXT record in the 'Value' column, then validate.

    Configure your DNS servers

  4. Your TXT type DNS has been added!

    Configure your DNS servers

You are using your own DNS server

If you have configured your own DNS server on the platform, the verification will happen directly with your provider and not with Youdot.

The path to access your domain's DNS entries will vary depending on your provider. A guide is available in this article, simply go the section entitled 'Add a TXT record to verify your domain (all domain providers)'.

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