About the subscriptions

Following the acquisition of your domain name on the platform (either by immediate purchase or after a backorder / auction), Youdot offers various subscriptions to ensure the management and SEO optimization of your domain name.

Three subscriptions are available depending on your needs.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Domain name renewal
DNS server and management
Whois proxy
SEO-ready hosting
WordPress setup with admin access
Daily backups
Custom website, logo  
Unique and original articles with images   1000 words + 1 article of 300-400 words / quarter 2000 words + 1 article of 500-600 words / quarter
Integration of contextualized backlinks  
Exclusive site; content and links belong to you  
Premium hosting    
Google AMP optimization + SuperCache    
Yearly plan €4,90 / month (€58,80 / year) €9,90 / month (€118,80 / year) €19,90 / month (€238,80 / year)
Monthly plan €14,90 / month €29,90 / month €59,90 / month



The first billing of your SEO-ready blog is only done at the time of the delivery of your site.

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