How much does it cost to renew a domain name?

Renewal is included in the monthly subscription, the price depends on the extension:

Extension Monthly subscription
.me 0,92€
.org 0,92€
.se 0,92€
.nu 0,83€
.info 0,83€
.at 0,75€
.com 0,75€
.ch 0,58€
.cz 0,50€
.fr 0,42€
.it 0,42€
.be 0,42€ 0,42€
.uk 0,42€
.es 0,42€
.nl 0,33€
.eu 0,42€
.de 0,22€

The subscription is not subject to a contract. You can cancel it at any time by transferring or deleting your domain name.
Note : All prices shown exclude taxes. 20% VAT is added to the price of a winning bid.
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