How is a domain name released?

What is a backorder?
Backorders involve domain names that have not been renewed by their current owners and are in their redemption period, that is, they have yet to be released and put back on the market.
During its redemption period, a domain name is disabled and no longer works but still belongs to its previous owner. That person may still ask his/her registrar to renew the domain name.
How is a domain name released?
1. When the owner of a domain name does not renew it with his/her registrar, the latter deletes the domain name on the date of its anniversary.
2. At that point, the domain enters what is known as a redemption period. This is a grace period during which the deletion may still be reversed. During this phase, the domain name can no longer be accessed but still belongs to its former owner, who can ask his/her registrar to restore it up until the last minute.
3. Once this period has passed, the domain name is permanently deleted, and is available for reservation.
How do you place a backorder?
1. Pick the domain name you want
2. Click the backorder button
3. Enter your billing information 
4. Select your payment method 
5. Receive email confirmation of your backorder 

Once the domain name has been released, we will reserve it for you and notify you of the outcome:
Circumstances Outcome
Yours was the only backorder for that domain It is immediately assigned to you at the price shown in the domain name record.
At least one other user backordered the same domain. It is auctioned over the course of a week.
How much does a backorder cost?
A domain name obtained as a consequence to a backorder is charged at a fixed price depending on the extension selected:
Extension Price
.it 9€
.info 20€
.com 20€
.org 20€
.fr 20€
.be 20€ 20€
.es 20€
.eu 20€

Once your backorder is received, your domain name will be subject to a monthly subscription, including renewal fees. The subscription is not subject to a contract. You can cancel it at any time by transferring or deleting your domain name.
Extension Monthly subscription
.it 1,49€
.info 1,49€
.com 1,49€
.org 1,49€
.fr 1,49€
.be 1,49€ 1,49€
.es 1,49€
.eu 1,49€
If the domain name is sold at auction, the price is that of the winning bid. You are under no obligation to bid at auction, and if you choose not to, you won't pay a thing.
Note: All prices shown exclude taxes. 20% VAT is added to the price of a winning bid.
Can I cancel a backorder?
Yes, at any time, so long as the domain name hasn't yet been released. Simply enter the relevant domain name on your interface: for example through the My Account page, then your portfolio (dashboard), and click the cancel button. No charge will be made.
Will I be reimbursed if my backorder doesn’t go through?
Yes, in fact you won't even be charged. Only finalized purchases and winning bids are billed to you.
At what time are backorders released?
We only publish each domain name’s expected release date. The timing depends on various factors that may change at the last minute. We regularly improve our algorithms in order to take account of these factors and to provide a consistent recovery service.
Do you provide "snap", "backorder" or "drop catching" services?
All of these terms refer to the same thing, namely a process for automatically registering a domain name shortly after it has expired (within a fraction of a second) and once the registrar has released it. At Youdot we use the term backordering.
Why does my backorder go to auction?
If you were the only person to request the domain name, it will be immediately assigned to you. However, if at least one other person also requested the domain name, you will be notified that an auction will be launched. This information is not released until the name is recovered. We guarantee full confidentiality for all backorders in order to prevent unfair trading. You will receive immediate email notification of the outcome once it has been processed.
Is it possible to view the list of domain names backordered by other users?
No, we guarantee the confidentiality of backorders placed by all Youdot users. Only bids are public, although participants' identities remain confidential.
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