Why use an expired domain name?

An expired domain is a domain with a history, especially on Google. It is a domain with backlinks appearing on several referring domains. All of these elements can help your referencing.

Why should I buy an expired domain name? It's simple, the domain name still receives traffic from the links that led to it, which appear on other websites. By purchasing this expired domain, you will benefit from the traffic generated by these links. If you build a new site on this domain name, it will receive a significant amount of link juice from other sites as soon as it is created.

You can use expired domain names to:

Save time in your SEO strategy by taking advantage of the historical positions of expired domain names in search engines.

Improve your natural referencing by benefiting from the authority of each backlink and referring domain.

Enjoy recurring visits thanks to existing backlinks of expired domain names.

Optimize your SEO budget by controlling your traffic acquisition and netlinking costs.

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