Transferring a domain name

How do I transfer my domain name to another registrar or host?

Open the "Domain Names" page, select on the domain name of your choice then click on the "Transfer" tab. Click on the "Receive transfer code" button. You should receive your code by email in a few minutes. Then go to the registrar / host on which you want to transfer the domain name. Order or request the transfer of your domain name. When asked, enter the Authcode / AuthInfo / AuthInfo / Authentication Code you received.

Exceptions for the .es, and .be TLDs
  • .es
To transfer your .es domain name, no authentication code is required - you must request the transfer directly to your new registrar. Our team will then receive a validation link to complete your transfer. Please send us an email to inform us of your procedure, specifying the email address of your account, the domain name you're transferring and your new registrar, otherwise the transfer will not be finalized.

To transfer your (.uk) domain name, contact your new registrar and ask for the corresponding "TAG". You will then be able to enter this TAG in the dedicated field on your domain name management interface. Please note that the transfer process can take up to 5 days.

  • .be
Contact the Youdot Customer Service via to request the authentication code. You will receive it by email within 48 hours.
When can I transfer a domain name I purchased on Youdot?

Once your first payment call has been confirmed (a payment call is made each month to pay for your purchases and registrations), you can request a transfer immediately after the domain name has been assigned to you.

Domain names with .com, .org and .info TLDs, however, are required by ICANN to have a 60-day delay after registration before you can request a transfer.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name?
Depending on the extension (TLD) of your domain name, the transfer time can range from a few minutes to a maximum of 1 week. We accept all requests automatically within 7 days.
How much does it cost to transfer a domain name?
The transfer is free on our side, but you will be charged by the provider you have chosen. The price is often that of a one-year registration.
How do I know if my transfer is complete?
Your domain name should disappear from your Youdot account. You can also consult the WHOIS of a domain name at any time and see the name of the registrar that currently manages it.

Warning! If you have requested the transfer of your domain name, do not cancel it! Your subscription will be automatically terminated once the transfer is completed. Cancelling your domain name at the same time as requesting its transfer could interrupt the procedure and cause you to lose the domain name.
Can I transfer a domain name from my old registrar to Youdot?
We do not offer this type of service to date but do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to do so for a portfolio of at least 1,000 domain names.
How to change the ownership of a domain name?
With regard to the change of ownership, some registrars (and for certain TLDs such as .fr, .com, or others) may impose an additional procedure on the user when transferring the domain name.

Nevertheless, this request for change of ownership always has to be made to your new registrar. In some cases (OVH, for example) this change requires a double confirmation by email, from us and from you. Please notify us via when you make this type of request.
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