Transferring a domain name

Should I transfer my domain after buying it?

No, you can keep it with Youdot, which is an accredited registrar. Your domain name is renewed automatically thanks to your monthly no commitment subscription.

How do I transfer my domain name to another registrar or hosting company?
From the My Domains page, click on your chosen domain name, then on the Transfer tab. Click the Authentication Code button. You will receive a code by email within a few minutes.Now go to the registrar/hosting company to which you wish to transfer the domain name. Order or request the transfer of your domain name. When asked, enter the authcode/authinfo/authorization code received.
Youdot does not charge for domain name transfers, but your selected service provider will bill you for the transfer. The cost often involves a 1-year registration fee.
When can I transfer a domain name purchased on Youdot?
Once your first payment request has been validated (a payment request issued at the beginning of the month for payment of purchase and registration fees), you can request transfer immediately just as soon as the domain name has been registered to you.
This isn’t your first time purchase? Your account has been unblocked so you can make a transfer without waiting, if needed.
You want to transfer a .com? You can do this 60 days after the snap date. The authcode’s release date can be found in your portfolio.
How long does it take to transfer a domain name?
Depending on the domain name’s extension, transfer can take from a few minutes up to 1 week, maximum.
How much does it cost to transfer a domain name?
Youdot makes no charge for transfers, but your new service provider/host/registrar will bill you. The cost often involves a 1-year registration.
How will I know when my transfer is done?
We send a notification email whenever a transfer is launched or completed. You can also search for a domain name on WHOIS at any time to view the registrar currently managing the domain.
Can I transfer a domain name to Youdot from my former registrar?
We do not currently offer this service but please get in touch if you would like to create a portfolio of at least 1,000 domain names.
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