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Manage my newsletter subscriptions
Your email address is registered automatically so that you receive our newsletter and are kept up to date on new features and receive advance notice of domain name pre-selections, but you can register another email address in your account through the Dznewsletterdz option to receive the latest DomRaider news.

Manage my alerts

To create an alert, you only need to do a research with a keyword of your choice, then select one or more extension (.FR,.DE,.EU,.NL, …) on which you wish to monitor the keyword, then click on Create an alert.


You can add as any alerts as you want, this functionality is completely free.

You will receive, once a day at most, a list of all new domain names available for sale or backorder for each of your keywords.

Finally, you can manage your list of keywords in alerts from the page My alerts in your account. Thus, if you’re not any more interested in one of the keywords or domain name, you can easily change your preferences.


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