Details, billing & payment method

Change billing details
Congratulations! You have just registered with Youdot. Now go to your account to register your billing details. Click your name in the top right hand corner, then click my account.
In the first section, you can register the billing address you want to use for payments to Youdot.
If you are a company, please state your sales tax number without forgetting to add your country prefix. You can update your address at any time.
Add a sales tax number
Are you using your Youdot account as a company? Register your sales tax number directly into your DomRaider account. Click your details form; state your company name as well as sales tax number in the relevant fields. Don’t forget to add your two-letter country prefix (for example: FR for France).
Change your payment method
Register your payment method before placing your first orders. You can choose between 3 payment methods: bankcard, PayPal or wire transfer. You can update your payment details through your DomRaider account at any time.
Consult my transactions (backorders, auctions, renewals, vouchers)
Go to your account, then the my transactions tab. You will find all your purchases here (successful backorders or auctions won) as well as your domain name renewals. Your monthly bill can also be downloaded from here.
Download a bill
With Youdot, you will receive only one bill per month for all your purchases and renewals, as well as one bill to download. Click the invoice button in your transactions. A tab will open offering you the option to download the invoice in PDF format.
You only get a blank page when the tab opens? Wait a few seconds for your invoice to upload. Do you need an invoice that shows a billing address?
Remember to change your account details before the payment request is issued (at the end of the month) so that this address shows on your invoice.
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